Go Green - Help Us Save Nature

Hyperstar Reusable Bags

In as much as we enjoyed our advanced lifestyle we are now facing several environmental issues and their impact to our ecosystem. Improperly discarded plastic bags are one of the major problems amongst them. Much of the rest ends up as litter and pollution, clogging waterways, threatening wildlife, and releasing potentially toxic chemicals into the earth.

Being so aware of this conflict Hyperstar had stopped using plastic bags from October, 2012 and introduced biodegradable bags for its customers. Biodegradable bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms after a certain time without making any hazard for environment.

To be environment friendly you can Buy & Shop with the Same Bag in your Next Shopping. Moreover your Damaged Bag Replaced Absolutely for Free in Hyperstar.

Bio Degradeable Bag

Selling Price: Rs. 15/- Only
Life 16 – 20 months

Green Bag

Get your Damaged Bag replaced
absolutely for FREE
Selling Price: Rs. 89/-